Weaving through the rice fields

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Thera (Teacher) Sunday Htoo wearing a full length tunic given to him by friends from La Ther Noh village, Hlaing Bwe Township, Karen (Kayin) State, Eastern Burma. The full length dress is almost identical to another full length dress from La Ther Noh which is owned by sisters Naw Ma Nee Kya, 55 and Naw Mu Pu, 53, who said: "We never knew our great, great, great grandmother's name. But our grandparents told us she wove this tunic and a sarong for her wedding to Eh Noe, our great, great, great, grandfather, 170 years ago (1838) in La Ther Noh village where they both lived. They wore them first for their wedding and afterwards, for the annual animist string tying ceremony every August. She dyed the cotton thread with the bark of the thay waw ghaw tree. In those days, only young unmarried women or ageing spinsters were permitted to collect this tree's bark as according to animist beliefs at the time, the community risked great misfortune if an adulterous woman gathered it"