Weaving through the rice fields

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Ceremonial front opening man's tunic embroidered for Pu Montay, a priest of the Leh Kay religious group from Koh Toh Baw village, Hlaing Bwe township, Pa-an District, Karen State, Burma/Myanmar..Woven with commercially spun white cotton thread, the tunic is embroidered with sayings and words from the Leh Kay script and language. Embroidery includes: "Paweah Wesa (the Leh Kay name for God on the left front shoulder, Kaw Htoo Lei (Karen Country) across the right front shoulder, the Leh Kay name for a sunflower, which also means Saturday - traditionally their holy day - across the left waist and "God created the world" across the right waist and "Pwakenyaw is the older brother" referring to an common  myth about Karen origins across the bottom front.